Tips For Having A Great Garage Floor

When we look at the garage floor the last thing that we typically think about is making it pretty or stand out in a decorative fashion.  For most homeowners, they see the garage floor as simple a cement slab where they can park their car and keep it out of the elements.  For those that really want to up their game however, garage floor epoxy is a great product to use in order to give your garage floors a more professional look as well as increase the durability and re-sell ability of your home.

garage floor epoxy

Do your prep work first

One of the hardest things that we need to do is prep the area where we are going to work.  When starting a new project like this we really want to dive in and start making our floors look pretty.  Id you do just dive in however, without doing your prep work, your end result will not be the best that it can be.

Play mad scientist with your epoxy mix

When working with epoxy, it may be a new medium that you have never tried before.  This is why it is a good idea that you go and mix up a few batches and make sure that everything is working correctly.  When you get your epoxy mixture you will have a set of directions that you will follow.  For most people that follow directions you still may get things wrong.  If you mix up some small batches and apply them to some test areas it will help with creating better results.

Use tape to clean your brush

This is a tip that most people never do.  However, the brush that you use may have dirt or other contaminants on it that will transfer over into your epoxy.  If this happens, then you may receive negative results.

To clean your brush, use the sticky side and tap it against the bristles of the brush.  Repeat this process until your tape doesn’t return any dirt or debris on the tape.